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Connect is a place where you can meet a friend, learn something new, and have fun!


We provide a safe, clean and family-friendly environment and offer a wide-range of activities and events including Kids’ English Club, kids festivals in local parks, cross-cultural events in which you can learn about American holidays (ex: Thanksgiving Lunch), states (ex: Texas night) or American sports (ex: Softball or kickball games on Ada).


Connect values strong marriages and healthy family relationships. In an effort to encourage and support parents in the significant task of raising children, we offer parenting seminars led by experts who share wise principles and practical advice for raising children of all ages. Marriage seminars are also offered to help couples strengthen and improve their relationship with each other.


Parenting Seminars

Spring 2023: Currently being held simultaneously during the kids English club. A couple who has experience raising four children will offer wisdom and advice using trusted principles and honest, encouraging answers to your parenting questions.


Kids Festivals

Connect comes to a neighborhood near you! In an effort to promote family-friendly fun and a strong sense of community, with the help of American volunteers, Connect offers games, face-painting, activities and prizes for the whole family to enjoy right in their own neighborhood. Where we’ve been: Park Bežanijska Kosa, Blok 22, Blok 4, Park Mateja Ninoslava (Maxi Park) Zemun, Zemunski Park, Park Ćukovac, Park Jelovac

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